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Troy Historical Society
Troy Michigan

"Preserving the Light for Future Generations"
Supporting the Troy Historic Village

About the Troy Historical Society

The Troy Historical Society was organized in 1966 to promote the appreciation and awareness of the rich heritage of the citizens of Troy, to encourage preservation of records, pictures, structures, and other objects of local historical significance, and to sponsor programs to carry out these purposes.

The Society has worked with the City of Troy to develop the Troy Museum and Historic Village, now the Troy Historic Village. Through this combined effort seven historic buildings have been moved to the Village and restored, making this one of the few city museums in Michigan to have original buildings on site.

On July 1, 2011 the Troy Historical Society assumed responsibility for the operation of the Troy Historic Village.

Moved and restored at the Village are:
      - Caswell House (1832) from the East side of Adams, North of Big Beaver, moved in 1968
      - The Wagon Shop (1872) from the N.W. corner of Square Lake and Livernois, moved in 1977
      - Poppleton School (1877) from the North side of Big Beaver, West of Crooks, moved in 1978
      - Log Cabin (1840) from Monroe County, moved in 1980
      - Town Hall (the original Troy Union School) (1864) from Atkins
        near Square Lake, moved in 1987
      - Old Troy Church (1837) from the South side of Square Lake East of Livernois, moved in 2004
      - Church Parsonage (1878) from the South side of Square Lake East of Livernois, moved in 2004
      - Niles-Barnard House (1837) from the West side of Livernois South of Square Lake, moved in 2010 (under restoration)

Other buildings at the Historic Village are:
      - Troy Township offices (1927)
      - A reproduction of Cutting's General Store which was located at the N.E. corner of
          Square Lake and Livernois - includes climate-contolled collections storage, built in 1989
      - A mid-twentieth century building remodeled in 1978 to represent a 19th century print shop

Contributions to the Troy Historical Society, a tax exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit Michigan corporation, are tax deductible according to IRS guidelines.